Urology, urinary systems and male reproductive systems of men and women is a branch of science that studies. This medicine is a branch of science and urinary tract (kidney ureter, urethra, bladder, prostate) and male genital system (penis, scrotum, testicles) concerning the treatment of infections of urogenital system, such as the treatment of diseases other than surgical problems, as well as surgical procedures under the umbrella of the urogenital system collects.

Sub-disciplines of urology, respectively, are as follows:

Pediatric urology

Children kidney ureter, bladder, penis, testicles and scrotum are studies related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Female Urology

Women with urinary voiding disorders and for the treatment of female sexual function disorders such diagnostic work is performed.


Male Sexual Health, Sexual Function Disorders (early ejaculation, erection problems) Infertility diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the reproductive system works performed.

Women, men and children, voiding disorders (enuresis, overactive bladder, stress incontinence, incontinence) made ​​studies on diagnosis and treatment.

Endourology and stone disease

Kidney ureter on diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the bladder and urethra are studies.


Open and endoscopic (URS), kidney ureter bladder stone surgery

Open and endoscopic (TUR) of the prostate and bladder surgery

Endoscopic surgery urethral stricture

The scrotum, testicles and penis surgery


Circumcision is performed.