EGEPOL Hospital Neonatal Unit, 24-hour uninterrupted service.

Our unit was on childhood health problem in all kinds of services as well as outpatient, residential treatment, and follow-up actions are carried out.

Pediatrics in the treatment and follow-up of children between the ages of 0-14 are performed.

With children who were followed from birth to growth and development of electronically stored data can be continuously monitored.

Carried out in terms of child health services under the “preventive medicine” works of great importance.

All tests can be made, such as MRI and CT imaging units EGEPOL Hospital diagnosis and treatment of patients, the presence of children is an important advantage.


Hospital, Neonatal Unit, opened his eyes to life a new kind of tiny routine and emergency interventions are made of 30 regular and one transport incubator.

EGEPOL Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, all the babies who need intensive care in the intensive care service 24 hours a day by specialist doctors and nurses specializing in the offer.

Which provides high-level intensive care unit, medical hardware continues to work to restore the families of babies as soon as possible.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, all the weeks of pregnancy, premature birth, multiple pregnancy, diabetes in the mother baby, big baby, the baby has swallowed meconium in the womb, the brain and other organ damage because of a difficult birth in high-risk infants, such as providing an advanced level of care.

Young patients, offering all the necessary medical and surgical services EGEPOL Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Egepol’de born babies, as well as in the neighboring provinces of Izmir and Aegean Region of transfers took place in the patient responds.

EGEPOL Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, respiratory support (ventilator – contained breathing apparatus), exchange transfusion, phototherapy (light therapy), high-intensity phototherapy applications percutaneous catheter (long, thin arms and legs to the heart vessels, the thin vascular access), total parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding with completely) applications, chest tube insertion (lung air leak treatment), invasive blood pressure monitoring (measurement of blood pressure without touching the umbilical vein), bedside echocardiography (heart ultrasound), bedside ultrasound (the brain and other internal ultrasound for the evaluation of organs), retinopathy examination (eye exams premature babies) well maintained.

In our clinic, Professor Academic Advisor. Dr. Expert Dr. Mete with AKISÜ. Salih Cağrı ÇAKIR, Expert Dr. Joy YAR, Expert Dr. Halil IŞIK, Expert Dr. Suat GÜLDOĞUŞ, Expert Dr. Hakan TOKBAY, Expert Dr. Etem MERT, Expert Dr. Hasan KERTMEN, Expert Dr. Bülent GÖKŞEN, With our team of expert nurses Nihal Erdogan and serving.

Jaundice in newborn babies have started a new life is one of the most common woes. Excessive blood level rises when the late treatment of jaundice and increased bilirubin cause the formation of brain damage and neonatal intensive care nurses, pediatricians olabilir.24 hours that our unit during his tenure, special incubators, respiratory equipment (blowers), outdoor beds, milking equipment, monitor, blood gas, infusion pumps, phototherapy device troubled newborn babies with special equipment such as life support. Ambulance transplants also be put baby incubator units are available for mobile.

The importance of the newborn period and the right of all newborn babies a healthy start in life breath. Conditions or special circumstances, the country that some babies cannot have a chance. In our country, according to statistics, half of the new-born infant deaths are deaths of children.

In this regard, the newborn baby came into the world as the period covering the first 28 days of the period referred to, they can continue to be at risk of great importance for the lives of babies come into the world. If this is possible, but with special care. Babies who need special care in this hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are carried out.

Pre-natal and post-natal, infant and maternal health, as well as in terms of health, Providing the supervision of a doctor is very important.

Our unit has the support of all kinds of necessary laboratory.

  • taking care of babies with respiratory problems,
  • resulting from pregnancies at risk (diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney

failure, blood incompatibility, such as poisoning or pregnancy), baby care,

  • At birth, the remaining oxygen (asphyxia) follow-up treatment of infants,
  • infant’s immature lungs developer lung substance (surfactant) supports the implementation of breathing apparatus,
  • Infections in follow-up and treatment of infants,
  • Advanced age or follow-up and treatment of children whose mothers are very young,
  • phototherapy for jaundiced babies / follow-up, and blood diseases, such as the exchange is treated in this section.